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This vintage straw handbag is incredibly unique and and can an eye catcher! Can accentuate any outfit including African wear. Excellent bag for the spring and summer season!

Purchase for yourself or as a gift to someone special!

Product Size:
Small size 28width 10height 17cm (handmade products have 1-3cm error)
feature of product:
Straw products are hand-woven with pure natural seaweed, with a simple and durable style, simple, retro and fashionable. Suitable for leisure, banquet, vacation, cool and versatile, with long skirts, cotton and linen literary clothing, etc., full of literary style.
1. The material of the straw woven bag is Thai aquatic plants, which is a pure natural plant and hand-woven, so you can’t carry heavy things.

  1. Hand-knitting is not comparable to the machine. In different batches of production, the color and buckle pattern of the bag may not be fixed, and there are no two identical bags (it is because each bag is unique and not exactly the same to show the handmade Features)





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