Thailand Cave Rescue – I Samuel (David & Saul)

Can I just thank God for what He has done?


I remember when I first heard about the football team of 12 boys and a coach trapped in the cave. I was horrified!! Questions entered my mind…”What were they doing so far in the cave?”…”Why did the coach lead these boys in such danger?” 

As the rescue progressed, the sensitivity in me kept imagining myself in the cave – the darkness, the water, the air quality, claustrophobia…How did they deal with it?

Did they encourage one another? What was the conversation between them? What amount of faith did they have that someone was going to discover that they were even in the cave?

I am floored by their faith that word would get out that they were in the cave. 

As they  got the first 4 boys out…. then the next 4 and then the remaining 5, I was overjoyed that it was finally over!!! 

40 divers from Thailand and 50 divers from all over the world made a joint effort to make this rescue a success!


I give my condolences to the family of the diver who lost his life from lack of air. May the Lord provide comfort and encouragement for his sacrifice.

In the Bible, caves were purchased with some land for burial grounds. They were also used as a hiding place against your enemy.

In 1 Samuel, David was running away from  a jealous King Saul who wanted to take his life because he knew David was the anointed one to become King of Israel.  So David runs into a cave.

As the story unfolds, King Saul enters into the cave and an opportunity was opened for King David to take his life. But conviction came into his heart not to do it. David does cut off the skirt of King Saul’s robe just to let him know that he was close enough to kill him.

When King Saul realized that David did not have the heart to kill him, He knew why God anointed him…He had a heart that was knitted to God.

I’m pretty sure the hearts of these boys were knitted to one another because they needed the strength of one another to make it through. The divers’ hearts were knitted to the fact that they had a mission to rescue those boys safely with no one left behind.

Only time will tell what went on their minds and how they kept hope alive.  I’m sure there will be a lot of interviews documenting their experience.

Until then, the question remains…

Who is your heart knitted to? Is your heart knitted to God?



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