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Harry & Meghan – A Love Story



I woke up 6am…far too early on a Saturday morning to prepare to watch the Royal Wedding! I wish I had one of those English hats to wear while I watch but, nevertheless, let me share my heart regarding this monumental wedding.


I felt that this wedding broke all the rules when it comes to being a part of the Royal Family:

  • Meghan is mixed race – even though she has royal blood through her father’s side of the family, marrying a half-black woman was unheard of.

  • Meghan was divorced – if you’ve been married before, you usually become disqualified from marrying a royal.

Prince Harry dated a few women so what makes Megan so special?

Meghan has always been an outspoken woman since she was a little girl. She wrote a letter expressing her disappointment about a commercial with a woman washing dishes and felt that it should not be only for women but men also. A boy in her class commented that women belonged in the kitchen when he saw the commercial. The company promoting the commercial took it down. She has always been outspoken on issues concerning women and political issues. She has done missions work in Africa and non-profit work while in school.


Prince Harry performed military service. With that service, he started the INVICTUS GAMES for those who have become disabled from serving in the military. As a young man, he has made many trips to Africa where he has done missions working with orphans. He has expressed the pain of losing his mother Princess Diana. He has used that pain and found solace in helping people in Africa.

Prince Harry Visits Lesotho With His Charity Sentebale

Prince Harry and Meghan both have a heart to help others and that was one of the biggest things that bound them together.

I am reminded of the story in the Bible about a woman named Hadassah… also known as Queen Esther (Book of Esther). She went through a grooming process like Meghan had to go through to prepare for marriage. She had to get used to the rules and regulations of her future new home, how to conduct herself within the Royal family and so on. 

Queen Esther’s (Hadassah) purpose was to save her people from being slaughtered.


I don’t know God’s full purpose for Megan becoming a Duchess but I do know that her marriage was monumental, it made the Royal family modern and relevant to the common society.  It gave a lot more respect to the Royal family to become more open.

Only time will tell the plans God has for them both.




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