Let’s Make Chicken Soup….with Pasta!!!



I’ve never made chicken soup (or any soup for that matter) before so I decided to make it for the first time! I was very familiar with some of the ingredients that go into making the soup so let’s get into the ingredients and start chopping and cooking!!

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1 Large Onion

1 Green Pepper

1 Red Pepper

2 Potatoes

2 Breasts Organic Chicken

Chicken Broth

3 Carrots

Sea Salt

1 Bag Baby  Spinach

Pasta (optional)

Cut up the onions, green peppers, red peppers, potatoes, carrots, spinach. Add Spinach and Chicken Broth.

Boil for 30 minutes and cover pot. 

Cut up your chicken in several cube pieces. Add your favorite seasoning (adobo, chicken seasoning) to your chicken and boil in a separate pot.Boil for 20 minutes. 

Add chicken with its broth into the pot of vegetables.

Boil it all together for 10 minutes

Optional: add pasta with the vegetables and chicken. Boil for 10 minutes with pot covered

Ready to serve.


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