Young Living Business Opportunity


I became a Young Living Member in November 2015. I didn’t take the business seriously for months until the middle of 2016. I just wanted the essential oils – Peppermint and Tea Tree – to help with my hair care regimen. That was good enough for me.



But, I started to think about my life and the fact that I don’t want to work a 9 to 5 job anymore. I needed a company that would help me have the time I need to pursue other interests and help other people live a life of freedom  – freedom to do what you love and take care of those you love without worries.


Young Living offers Organic Essential Oils that help live a healthy lifestyle.


For example, our Franckincense and Myrrh oils are pivotal in helping with internal and external heath and wellness.



Our Thieves line help in cleansing the home to oral health without all the unhealthy ingredients being sold in stores.


Our Ningxia Line is a whole body supplement for better wellness and a healthy lifestyle.


Purchase any of our Starter Kits starting at $45 and get 24% off your products at wholesale price!!


Here’s to Freedom and a Healthy Lifestyle!!




Author: Princess Kemi

I am an accountant, christian singer/songwriter/playwright

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