Patience is a Virtue! – Romans 12:12

Patienceisavirtue.pngThursday, I placed some wall frames on layaway at Burington Coat Factory in Manhattan.

These wall frames are so beautiful. Some have scriptures to remind you to stay in prayer and seek the Lord. It also talks about patience in affliction. 

So this is how the story goes…

Friday, I went to pick up the wall frames. I was so happy to get it so that I can take it home and design my apartment with it. 

I got there and the employee in the layaway apartment told me that it should take 20 minutes to get the merchandise. I was supposed to call in advance so that they could have the products ready without having to wait. But I forgot.

So 20 minutes turned into 1 hr !!! 

The runner who was assigned to go downstairs to get the products for me and others waiting came back without my products!!!

I was so pissed off!!!!! But I did not voice out my anger like I wanted to..

Another hour went by and a different employee decided to look elsewhere and she found it!!

It was in the layaway department all the time leaning against the wall!!

For the hassle the store gave me 30% off my products!!

Thank You Jesus!!!

Blessings comes to those who wait!!

I’ll let my frames preach the word!!

God Bless!!


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