Jan 2017 Favorites!

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I uploaded my Jan 2017 Favorites. I wanted to breakdown some of the items that was purchased in January.

  • Illustrated Faith Christian 18-Month Planner – Click here for the link. Absolutely the best planner. I can plan all the things I need to do in my daily life and keep myself disciplined.


  • NKJV Large Print Pink Bible w/Inscription – Click here for the link. I bought a compact bible with large print. I absolutely love spending time with the Lord with this compact large print bible.


  • Kmashi Battery Pack – Click here for the link. When my phone battery goes out, this battery pack comes to the rescue.


  • Vitagoods Scalp Massager – Click here for the link. I use this for my hair growth regimen. Excellent product for increasing blood circulation to grow hair.


  • 3 Way Leather Bag – Click here for the link. I love leather bags. They last a long time and have a great look!


  • Wilson Leather Jacket – Click here for the link. Perfect jacket for the winter. Has “thinsulate” which keeps you very warm.


  • Dew Drop Home Diffuser by Young Living –  Click here for the link. I use my diffuser to diffuse my favorite essential oils like lavender, Cinnamon, Tangerine, Myrrh and Frankincense.


  • Organic Essential Oils by Young Living – Click here for the link. Organic essential oils for healthy living. From helping to treat cancer to common colds, these organic essential oils provides healthy living inside and out.


  • Bon Voyage Travel Pack by Young Living – Click here for the link. . Whenever I travel within the USA or overseas, I pack with my travel pack. It has all the essential things I need for my journey and on top of that, its organic.


  • Yamaha Keyboard P115B Student Version Bundle– Click here for the link. It’s been a dream come true to get this keyboard. I am so happy to start making melodies and creating new music!


  • All You Need To Know about the Music Business – Click here for the link. They call this the “bible” of the music industry. It gives you all the info you need as far as music law and the financial legalities in relation to the music industry.


  • Aroma Nutriware Rice Cooker – Click here for the link. This is a stainless steel multicooker that is great for making healthy meals. It comes with a meal guide and recipe book.


  • Vegetable Glycerine – Click here for the link. This is my “go to” body care every winter! No ash on my body at all. I gets the job done!




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