21 Day Daniel Fast – Day 18 – January 28, 2016 – The Will of God


“When a believer is out of the will of God, he/she becomes a troublemaker, not a peacemaker”.

I think about the times that I wanted something so bad, I was willing to do anything to get it. Sometimes, I ended up not wanting it anymore. Other times, I ended up so hurt I wish I never ran after it in the first place.

You see, only God knows the future. He sees your beginning and your end. He has your life planned out. You just have to trust His plan for you…Better said that done.

Do we really believe God has your best interests? That His plans are better than yours? That the plans He has for you is good?

Many of the reasons we fall into the trap of the enemy and follow our own will is because of unbelief and impatience. Waiting on God and trusting His timing is very challenging for most Christians. We love God and what He has done but we feel that its not enough eventhough we don’t say it. We don’t want to sound sacrilegious.

Unbelief produces fear and impatience causes us to go outside of God’s will to get what we want in our timing.

We make plans to do certain things by a certain time but we have no idea what will happen to our lives tomorrow.

“Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth” (Proverbs 27:1).

“Life seems long and we measure it in years, but in comparison to eternity, life is but a vapor”.

Not following God’s will is willful disobedience.


Jesus said “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to finish His work”.

We have an assignment to do and it needs to get done so that many can come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We have no time to look at what someone else has. We need to concentrate on what has for our own lives.

God wants us to understand His will and to prove His will by the experience we have with the Lord. We learn from our successes and failures.

We must do God’s will from the heart – not grudgingly like Jonah. God called him to minister to a spiritually dying people and he was not joyous in doing. Even when they turned to the Lord, he still had an attitude. This should not be the response of a christian.

The Christian who knows, loves and obeys the will of God will enjoy God’s blessing.

PRAYER: Thank you Lord for your Word and your Son Jesus Christ. Help me Lord to trust and walk in your will. Help me not to look at what others have and trust in what You have for me.


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