21 Day Daniel Fast – Day 12 – January 22,2016-Do You Treat Rich People Better Than Poor People?

Jesus tested a church by bringing a poor person and a rich person in the church. The rich man got the front seat in the church and the poor was told to sit somewhere else.

Like “the poor man”, Jesus was despised and rejected. He came from the wrong part of town (Nazareth), He did not graduate from the top schools, He
did not have the seal of approval from people in power, He had no wealth(earthly).

Jesus warned in John 7:24 – “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement”.

PRAYER: Father God, thank you for your Word. Forgive me God for anyone I have treated in a disrespectful manner. Help me to boast only in you and not in myself. Help me treat others they way I would want to be treated – with grace and dignity.


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