21 Day Daniel Fast – Day 4 – Jan 14,2016

“God builds character before He calls to service.He must work in us before he can work through us. God spent 25 years working in Abraham before He could give him his promised son.. God worked 13 years in Joseph’s life, putting him through various testings before he could put him on the throne of Egypt. He spent 80 years preparing Moses for 40 years of service. Our Lord took 3 years training His disciples building their character.

But God cannot work in us without our consent. There must be a SURRENDERED WILL. The mature person does not argue with Gods will. He accepts it willingly and obeys it joyfully – ‘Doing the will of God from the heart’ (Eph 6:6). If we try to go through trials without surrendered wills we will end up more like immature children than mature adults” (BE MATURE by WARREN WIERSBE).

PRAYER: Father God, forgive me of my sins. Forgive me of not allowing you to mature me in the areas I need to grow. help me not to argue about my situation and the place where you placed me. Help me use the season I am in to grow in you so that you may do your perfect work in me.


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