Seattle, Washington – Jan 8 – 10, 2016


What a great way to start the New Year!

I visited my brother, his wife and her mother for the weekend. It was much needed and well-deserved. Can you imagine smelling clean air instead of the NYC air, and just taking long walks around downtown Seattle?

It was great catching up and talking about our future goals and endeavours.

Some of my future goals include getting out of debt for good, running my own independent record label,  having my own accounting/tax business, purchasing my first home and being married.

As I traveled around with him to downtown Seattle, I went to the music gallery-Sound Lab

The Guitar Gallery was awesome! Seeing Guitars for centuries back till today was interested.

I visited the Jimi Hendrix Gallery which chronicled his music days, his outrageous outfits and everything Jimi.

Can’t forget the Seattle Seahawks Gallery

And the Sci-fi Characters…Any familiar to you?

I was able to visit the famous Pike Place Market which was pretty much an open market that sold everything. The Hot Apple Cider with Rum Butter was delicious!


There is no way you can go to Seattle without seeing the Seattle Needle. It reminded me of the flintstones. Everytime they play the music, the water spurts up. It was a sight to see!


My brother surprised me with some body cream that he made from the kitchen. I didn’t know he was really into making it. He gave me a jar. It consisted of some unrefined shea butter, almond oil and some essentials. He could have put some more stuff in the mixture that I probably forgot to mention but I was so happy to try it out. It was very creamy and moisturizing.


He’s got some chef skills.Delicious meal! – Sauteed Chicken with mash potatoes and soup.

So, I had a idea. Why don’t you start a business? You can sell it at local stores to start and then sell to larger stores as your business grows. He said that many people suggested it but he doesn’t know about. I think he should do the business. Don’t you?

As some may know, Seattle is near Canada. My brother talked about his journey and going to Victoria Island in British Colombia. The environment, taking part in the “High Tea” Experience. I love me some tea. I rarely drink coffee unless I am at Starbucks.

Can’t wait to go back in the summer! Great trip!



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