21 Day Daniel Fast – Day 2 – Jan 12, 2016

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“I know of a man who was burdened to grow in patience. He knew he was immature in that area of his life, and he wanted to grow up. He sincerely prayed, “Lord help me to grow in patience. I want to have more self-control in this area of my life.” That morning, he missed his train to work and spent the next fifty minutes pacing the platform and complaining of his plight. As the next train to the city arrived, the man realized how stupid he had been. “The Lord gave me nearly an hour to grow in my patience, and all
I did was practice my impatience!” he said to himself.(excerpt from BE MATURE by WARREN WIERSBE)

Thank you Lord that when I ask for help, You place me in situations that challenge and grow what I have asked in prayer. Help me to grow in you, release control of my life and allow You to take full control. AMEN


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