21 Day Daniel Fast – Day 1 – Jan 11, 2016

The Ultimate Daniel fast gives you a list of all you can or cannot eat – fruits, vegetables and water

Day 1 – Fasting – Jan 11 – Had to start a little later since I had my Seattle trip but no worries…Let’s go on this journey together..

“Spiritual maturity is one of the greatest needs in churches today. Too many churches are playpens for babies instead of workshops for adults”.These are the problems that James had to deal with (BE MATURE by WARREN WIERSBE):

A. Impatience in difficulties – James 1:1-4
B. Talking but not living the truth – James 2:14
C. No control of the tongue – James 3:1
D. Fighting and coveting – James 4:1
E. Collecting material “toys” – James 5:1

God is looking for mature men and women to carry on His work, and sometimes all He can find are little children who cannot even get along with each other. (BE MATURE by WARREN WIERSBE)

PRAYER: “Father God, forgive me of my sins and everything done against you and your Word. Expose the areas of my life that need maturity. Give me the Spirit of patience when going through trials, help me walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Control my tongue and convict me when I talk out of line. Help me to be content in what I have and not be jealous of what someone else has. Help me to seek you more than material things. AMEN


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3 Thoughts to “21 Day Daniel Fast – Day 1 – Jan 11, 2016”

  1. Good day, kemi. Do you have an idea of Nigerian recipes that can be incorporated into the Daniel fast.

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